FY 920Series Embroidery Machine

¡¤The summary of functions and features

1 £® Simple operation

The machine is of high reIibility and equipped with microcomputer controlled system specially designed for automatic control of embroidery machine.On the keyboard there are various figures related to its functions and the displaying language can be selected by uaer in Chinese or English,which reduce the language limit.So it can be easily understood and conveniently operated.

2 £® Design storge capacity

The inner storge can store 99 samples,the minimum number of storge needles reach 1 million,giving you enough capacity.

3 £® Darning function

Due to thread borken during embroidering,som dmbroidery faiI to work and the needIe should return to the place where emboridery fail and beging darning.The numter of reyurnable stitches is not limited and it can return to the original point of present normal design in embroidering combing design.

4 £® Idle running

It is more convenient for darning that using low speed idle,high speed idle or other idle running.

5 £® The rotation and pantograph of design

Design can be rotated by 1 o step sithin360 o and can reverse from left to rignt.It also can be magnilfied or minified by different ratio in horizontal or vertical dire ction.Besides.It can meet different requirements by selecting rotation priority or pantograph priority.

6 £® Display of desinging memory

It is very useful to display the pattern while seIecting pattern for embroidery and output.

7 £® Eediting design

The designs in me,ory can be edited or revised with ease.

8 £® Display of embroidery parameter

To meet different requirements,users can seIect to display the common emboridery parameters in large-size letters.

9 £® Combining design

Anew design can be formed by combining several normal desings according to different size ration,rotation angle,figure direction and relative distance.It can be embroidered at one time