FY 920 Automatic Sequins embroidery

Automatic Sequins embroidery is another new product in our company. It adds function of Sequins embroidering based on ordinary embroidering, with both function of flat ordinary embroidering and Sequins embroidering. Colorful sequin and all kinds of thread combine classical, fashionable and personal embroidery designs.This sequins embroidery machine is widely used in making garments(collar,lace,complete clothes and so on), curtain, bedspread, ornaments and craft
, Offer more stabilized operation at higher speed
, Diameter 3mm!7mm can be adjusted at will(through mechanical adjust)
, High quality of embroider
, It is convenient for changing the cloth or repairing with the auto!lifting system
Sequin device can be installed on the machine on the right,light,or both sides
, Automatic sequins!carrying and automatic!cutting
,The rate of omit is very low